^_^ Hat ^_^
Hello human beans on the internet. I’m Hat, an introverted teenage girl who writes books, scripts and a list of groceries to buy from the store.

I’m a total fangirl who enjoys watching Supernatural, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones and many many more shows as well as playing video games from dawn to dusk.

I’m a 5″ tall hobbit that hides in my bat cave known as the internet and posts ridiculously random comments and posts that either make people laugh or sue me for being offensive.

Mediocre artist that can slightly draw better than the average stickman.

This blog is used to write my opinions or discuss certain topics that I find interesting so feel free to read it and even comment because I will appreciate.

Have a cookie and take a sip of tea as you enjoy your stay here at the Hatter corner of the dark side. 

Darth Vader approves.

Cheers!                                                         Hat


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