So I’ve been doing a lot of writing this couple of months, mostly books but I was also writing drafts mostly for this workshop thing I have an opportunity to go for. Gifted something or other.

Scripts as well. If you can’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of web series and indie productions where the shows are mostly crowd funded. Its really an inspiration to see the ideas come to life in video productions.

And since I have decides to do pure literature, I started reading more in depth books that are harder to read like Jane Austen which is very lengthy by the way. I couldn’t stand the angst and weird pedophilia going on in Sense and Sensibility.

Oh and my current favorite book and author right now is the ever popular Neil Gaiman. The one who wrote Coraline and ‘The doctor’s wife’ episode in doctor who. I know, crazy right? 10 points to Gaiman-dor.

In case you’re curious, I write simple stories on ‘Wattpad’ the base for teenage girls and boys that girls drool over. Yeah, sadly but there are always gems of stories so I just keep on there.

I remember my first story. Oh god. Flashbacks. Pain. Emo. So. Much. Disgusting love.


I used to write books just for pleasure…er…not in that way but I greatly enjoy writing and even at 0 followers and 0 views, I continued writing at the encouragement of my friends.

Eventually, I slowly gained viewers. Slowly. And the readership increased to the hundreds…ish. Sort of. Eh, close enough.

Then the storm came rolling. Well, that’s being dramatic. Let me sidetrack for a minute.

There was the book that I used to like on Wattpad called ‘The Good Girl’s Bad Boys’ which I used to like because of its different story line. Of course, the name…needs work but, the story is interesting, funny and such but here’s the thing, the writer had taken a break after writing the first book leaving it on the god awful…



Even I’m not that cruel erm…never mind.

Then she disappeared for a year and then it became two years. Nothing much but short chapters and snippets which was painful. I waited as patiently as I could…which was not really patient but at least I didn’t whine like other readers.

Here are some real comments made by the author and honestly, I used to be impatient for new books and stuff because I mean, if you’re going to leave us hanging, you got to deliver your word.

Now that I start writing more, there’s this little voice in my head telling me that I have to finish my quota everyday which is one update and no matter how much writer’s block I have, I have to finish it.

So writing gets more stressful and this coming from a below Average writer. Same goes to YouTubers, a lot of them started lowering their video count because their joy is seeping away with the fact that YouTube is becoming more like a job than a passion.

So I took a break to study and focus on other stuff and that helped my writing to improve with better interest.

So think twice before complaining of how a show or book is taking a long time to publish. Inspiration doesn’t come easy, in fact, writer’s block is a bitch.



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