My exams are finally over. Oh thank all things blue and cheese. Constant studying drove me more insane than I normally would be.

So now instead of having a lack of time, now I have too much time. And what do you do when you have TOO much time on your hands?

Answer: You drag a blanket over your head and binge watch all videos on YouTube with a packet of crisps.

Boredom can bring you to find things that you didn’t know how managed to live without.

For example, Felicia Day , the literate “Queen of the Geeks” started her fame and journey to RedHead Redemption from a webseries she created with her Co-producer, Kim. 

The Guild is an AMAZEBALLS webseries about a girl RPG player of “The Game” and alongside her Guild Mates, they face many different adventures ranging from being honed as the Pizza Pirate Meme to meeting your idol of your favourite game who has serious anger issues and hates mermaids.

This show was one of the few shows on YouTube that led to the revolution of Webseries becoming common in YouTube. Its genuinely funny and makes a lot of geek references that makes you chuckle and then groan at how you “happen” to memorise the referance regarding Nyan Cat and Troll Face Memes.

I rate it 10 Will Wheaton Furies/ 10 and if you’re interested in more geeky gaming and more of Felicia’s adorableness, check out “Geek and Sundry” her company on YouTube and website.

Next on my list is my current obsession. Seriously how did I not know about this webseries, I have been living a lie.


Sorry could’ve helped it. My inner Chell was yelling for me to do it.

Anyways, its a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. The webseries is based on the play with certain twists such as the play being shown through a teenager’s vlog and the story getting stretched out through different channels.

Honestly, I love Literature. Books are my first and only love so when I found this Webseries, I was hooked. 

The story follows Beatrice (Also in the play) and her life in New Zealand along with her friends and arch nemesis Benedick. could say that Beatrice did not want the BeneDICK.

Immature me apologises.

Its a webseries made by a group of talented people called “The Candle Wasters” and they make many more modern interpretation on different Shakespeare plays such as LLL, Lovely Little Losers which is an interpretation of Love’s Labour’s Lost by Shakespeare and its the sequel to NMTD.

The latest one is called Bright Summer Night which is of course, A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

Every story is different and frankly the actors are incredible. If you didn’t know that this was a webseries, you would think that they were actual vloggers.

If you’re a fan of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries which is a Modern Interpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, then I highly reccomend this webseries.

If you’re into something less drama filled and more lighthearted comedy on family and friends, check out SQUARESVILLE.

A webseries featuring two best friends who are total nerds and their life in a boring town as they try to make things more interesting.

This webseries is only two seasons so its a quick watch and definitely interesting if you’re a geek or appreciate good humour.

Zelda (LEGENDARY) is a sassy, adorkable judgemental girl while Esther is a dark and very snarky human being and in that sense, they compliment each other beautifully.

If you’re into a story that has more character development than actual plot than I suggest this show for you.

Bear with me. There’s just two more shows to go through. After that, you can go back to your game of “Let’s throw darts at Hat’s face” okay?

I Can’t Even is a hilariously geeky skit-esque show that is about two sisters. The episodes vary from Harry Potter’s letter to Hogwarts and Edward Cullen stalking you.

All in all, its so funny and lives up to its name. When you watch the show, you can’t even begin to compute the number of references in each episode. This show is still in production so check it out for much more episodes.

Lastly, GEEK GIRLS is a self explanatory show that revolves around Emma and her friends as they fan girl over “Unnatural” which is obviously SUPERNATURAL. 

*Cue title sequence*
It may not be as well produced as the other shows but it has its own charms and wit that will be sure to make you smile.

Recommended for fangirls and geeks.

If you haven’t already noticed the trend between all the shows, let me enlighten you.

Okay that sounds vaguely 50 shades of Greyish. Let me just get to the point. Its all about nerdy and geeky stuff and honestly, its hard to find shows that discuss the geeky side of the internet and with shows like…


I worry for the existence of human kind.


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