Dress Codes Of Doom

I live in a country where 90% of students wear uniforms so basically everyone wears the same thing. Fucking hell is it a nightmare. Imagine wearing a costume/robber disguise for the rest of your sad school life.

Now one thing in particular pissed me off about wearing school uniforms. The girls had to wear skirts and a tucked in collar shirt while the boys wore shorts and a tucked in shirt. Nothing was wrong except I don’t know…EVERYTHING.

Let me start from the top. Boys under the age of 15 have to wear shorts but once they reach 15,they get looooong pants that basically are bell bottoms. Girls on the other hand wear the same skirts no matter what.

Oh yeah did I mention that we had a strict uniform checking every now and then. Snooty teachers would check if our ‘skirt is covering our kneecaps’ because GASP! Knees are so fucking attractive and are a distraction to boys.

Like fuck I care,its their problem that they can’t keep their Dick grayson in their pants and hey,at least I will do better in class now that they’re distracted by my gorgeous neck.

Honk honk bitch. Geese squad assemble.

Every time our skirt fucking rises a little higher,we have to pull it back down and girls stretch like putty so we tend to outgrow our skirts but we usually don’t buy another one beacuse shit I don’t know,I WANT TO SAVE MONEY.

Another thing that fucking pisses me off is the fact that boys get to parade around in their PE shorts and none are the wiser but when girls do it…BEEDOOO FUCKING RED ALERT! NO SKIRT!!!!

They also get to tuck out the insanely uncomfortable shirt while we have to tuck in. They are also most of the time are shirtless (Don’t ask) while if a bra strap shows,its like everyone notices as well as our uniform being sheer tops that if you stretch,everything shows. And when I mean everything,I mean EVERYTHING.

Now enough about my dumb dress codes for my school,let’s talk about dress codes in general. Most of the time,dress codes prevent students from dressing a certain way either in a provocative or sexual way that is deemed in appropriate.

For example,most girls are prohibited to wear booty shorts which are basically shorts that show your butt and shorts that are shorter than your fingertips extending out. Girls are also not allowed to bare your collarbones,at least in some schools,because why?

They’re so fucking sexy. Who knew that bones that support your jello like body were hot and get men sweaty down below. I sure as hell didn’t know.

Now its not just girls who are doomed to the horrors of dress codes but most of the time,boys are allowed to have more freedom than us however there is a dress code that all of us can despise altogether.

Apparently ‘cuss’ words are prohibited for wear. Cuss words by teacher’s standards are ‘damn’ and ‘shit’ which is mother fucking stupid. They should know that literate kids cuss like hell. I mean,look at me and my potty mouth. 

Its a piece of clothing. Its not meant to be taken seriously so stop acting like such a butthurt bitch.

Shoulders are also considered ‘distracting’ and I’ve heard stories about how girls who wore the same clothes except had a different boob size which resulted in the bustier girl getting reprimanded while the flatter girl gets off,Scott free. 

What the fuck is sexy about clothes?! Literally guys strip naked everyday and no one fucking complains but when a girl does it,everyone goes BOO WHORE.

I’m no feminist. I want equal rights for everyone and everything but right now,there’s an obvious difference between the dudes and the dudettes.

Here’s a example:

This girl was literally wearing a T-shirt and a cardigan as well as jeans that were covering up 99.999% of her body yet her principal deemed her to be ‘inappropriate’ and sent her home.

First of all,unreasonable. She’s like a hood away from being a nun and you want her to cover up more? Might as well give her a potato sack oh wait,I bet that’s not covered up enough. 

Her mother then gives her a giant scarf but she still isn’t allowed back in school because the principal thought she was giving him ‘attitude’. Fuck you man.

Where is all that equality and shit? Look at her face fucktart. Does she look like she wants to even go to your school?

Now another extreme case is when this honor roll chick who was suppose to give some fancy speech to a WHOLE DIFFERENT school and she decided to wear a casual spagathi strap dress to the school which had a TOTALLY different dress code than her own schol and she got sent home just beacuse she and her friend flashed some of that sexy shoulder action. She also got cut from the honor society or some bullshit like that.


I’m going to end off this post by saying that we need to be more open minded. I know I have said that countless of times but its true. This is like the 90s all over again where all girls had to wear dresses or skirts. Its 2016. We have the freedom of speech,freedom of love and now,freedom of CHOOSING WHATEVER THE FUCK WE WANT TO WEAR.

I swear to chuck,if I want to fucking wear a weiner costume to school, I will wear a weiner to school.

P.s. What’s wrong with HATS! bitch.


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