Ignorance is contagious.

With society evolving to welcome the new world of technological advancements. You would think that us humans would envolve with it right?

Wrong. Today during science class,my science teacher,let’s call her…Miss Dum because that rhymes with her name. So,miss Dum starts talking about how to have success in your future.(Which was not related to science whatsoever.)
Then she started talking about people who won’t have success and she addressed them in such a pretentious way that she sounded like she thought they were low class citizens and that people who were ‘normal’ (according to her) were superior as compared to those people with mental illnesses or special problems. One word she used,pissed me off.

‘Those people are mentally retarded.’  

This really ticked me off as I have a brother with Asperger Syndrome and Autism and he was a pain in the ass but still my blood and bones. 

Then she continued on,saying how they didn’t have a future and that something was wrong with them. She used ridiculous hand gestures,pointing to her brain and emphasizing the word ‘retarded’ as much as she could.

Now I was close to slapping her at this point. She showed no remorse at her words and even seemed happy to share the fact with us. Let me remind you,this is a teacher who teaches pure science for the more advanced students and has a degree for teaching.

You would think that someone who is educated would act like they are. But I guess that they didn’t have dictionaries in universities. Please,is ‘retarded’ the only word you have in your teeny tiny mind?

Now,one teacher who is ignorant is good enough but TWO?! May the heavens have mercy because Armageddon is starting.

During one of my character training classes,we were discussing about Cyber Bullying and my form teacher…let’s call her…Madame Cock. Because that is her name. I wish I was joking.

She logged into a popular news site and started to discuss to us about this post with a teenager who laid in the middle of the train,blcoking everyone from entering. Madame Cock started talking about how this teenager had mental problems and the dreaded word striked again.

‘He’s retarded.’

Do these people not realise that the word ‘retarded’ is an insult used for people who are uneducated. It literally means stupid in the head. There are proper words like Mental illness or even the syndromes’s names.

Its ironic that we were talking about Bullying when she was indirectly bullying the people with special problems.

I used to have average respect for teachers but I think its all gone. Considering some of the teachers are homophobic as well which makes me grit my teeth in annoyance.
Honestly,this isn’t suprising as my country is pretty much close minded and relies on mental power. So even if you were a serial Killer,so long as you have a title next to your name,you’re good.

I can’t say I despise all teachers but I can’t say that I will get any of them teacher’s day presents either! 


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