Open your mind assbutts.

Oh boy! New day,I bet today is going to be filled with excitement and-
*reads news everywhere*


So…just when I thought that the world was getting better and humanity is finally restored,this happens.


In words of wisdom said by Bobby Singer:


Recently,an ISIS member broke into a gay nightclub and killed 50 people just because he experienced outrage when seeing two men kissing. Oh grow up. Its the 21st century,aren’t we suppose to grow more intelligent as the years go by? I guess we lost a couple…million brain cells. Must be the crappy fast food.


If you dislike LGBT people,I hope you lose your sight (Not really) because you apparently can’t open your eyes big enough to see that we should all love each other because we’re all humans that have emotions.


Here are the main reasons people use to excuse why they hate LGBT people.


Always with the different religious stereotypes. I’m not naming any religion but if you like the people of the same gender as you, what’s the big deal about that? Oh because God says that those people are ‘sinners’? Because they should be punished and spat on? I don’t give a damn about what you use as an excuse because even if God truly said that,he’s also a hypocrite because he said I quote:

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
So if God loves everyone,then you have no right to call LGBT folk ‘Sinners’ because they’re just like us.

2)Keeping up the ‘Manly’ reputation.

Apparently,you now need to be against LGBT people to be considered ‘manly’. Sorry mate what? So..hating against people who have a right to love is…manly? *starts coughing violently* Don’t mind me,I’m just choking on your bullshit.


In the words of our future president,GradeAunderA:
If you say that you ‘don’t like gay men/women’ then you’re saying that you ‘like straight men/women?’ like people of the same gender as you? Isn’t that hypocritical. Hating on the freedom of love is now considered manly? Really shit! So you start bulging muscles and ooze out testosterone when you hate LGBT people. Well shit,I guess I’m mistaken. Not.

3)Old fashioned

Some people just like living in those times where we didn’t have WiFi and colour TV was like the iPhone of their time. Seriously people,its the 21st century,you can’t keep living in the past and if you do want to live in the past,get Rick and Morty to lend you their time machine.


Try to be open minded,seriously. With drug dealers,Trump being president and ISIS taking over the world. You would think that people would be like shit,I’m fine with LGBT people considering that people are getting shot more times than the amount of pussy/dick I get in my entire life and we may go extinct so we should stop judging people who have their own preferences.


But of course,when is it ever that easy?

All I’m going to say is that,you,yes you person behind that screen rapidly typing a hate comment,life is too short. You either live once and accept everyone no matter who they are or die salty because even LGBT people get more love than you do.

P.s.Vote GradeAunderA for president.



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