Beauty is skin deep


I once thought that makeup only enhanced your features but now I realize that sometimes,makeup can totally change a person.

To those who use makeup because you like it,good for you but remember,there’s more than just a pretty face.

I recently,well..I watched this video called ‘You Look Disgusting’ a while ago. It featured Beauty YouTuber,My Pale Skin and her showing how people see her with and without makeup.


Its sad how people abuse their freedom of speech. Just because you can have your own opinion doesn’t mean you can use it freely. Words are like bullets and your mouth is the gun. Fire away and you will hurt someone.

I’ve seen tweens or even little kids already start to wear makeup and its pretty sad. In my country,no one is allowed to wear makeup until we’re 17. So its quite shocking to see tweens start wearing a face full of foundation.

I’m not going to stop you if you do wear makeup but its always nice to limit your use.Sometimes,your skin can suffocate under all the chemicals

If you wear makeup,I challenge you to go as fresh as a baby’s bottom and stop wearing makeup for at least a day. I mean..what’s the worst that could happen? Unless you secretly look like Godzilla or the live action version of teenage mutant ninja turtles,you should be fine and its a nice change.


To those who feel like they’re not pretty enough and hide themselves behind a wall of lipsticks and blush,you’re gorgeous no matter how you look like. In fact,I think you’re all perfect just the way you are. Sorry,too cheesy? That’s just how I roll mate.

If you still don’t believe me,here’s a picture of an ass.


Right,do you look like this? What was that,I couldn’t hear you…a no? Hmm..then you should be perfectly beautiful. I mean,if you don’t look like an ass,your life should be on track. If you do look like an ass,I send my condolences.

And if you comment on people’s appearances,saying how they’re better with makeup and all that bullshit about things that people can’t change,I hope your mother washes your mouth with soap.

I heard that you are what you eat so I guess you must eat shit because what you’re saying is shit. Since your microscopic brain can’t simply understand simple logic,I’ll spell it out for you sweetheart.

People have feelings.
If you heard someone saying ‘You’re so ugly. Have you tried wearing makeup? I bet that won’t change how disgusting you look.’
You probably would say that they are being a bully.
*claps slowly* Congrats,now you know how it feels like.


Think twice before you open your mouth. whatever you say has consequences. I’ve been called things like crazy,fat,annoying and I do feel hurt because the people who said these things were my classmates but I get over them eventually. All I’m saying is that as much as I love freedom of speech,you can’t just blurt every word that pops out in your head.

Makeup is used in the olden ages as a way for ladies to enhance their already pretty features. Now,people use makeup to literally MAKE UP new features that they don’t really have.

Drawing on bigger lips,making your cheekbones angular,drawing on new eyebrows. When you wash the gunk,what you have underneath is what you actually look like.

Forgive me for being an asshole but what you’re doing is kinda lying to yourself and your potential partners. Its setting their expectations higher so when you wake up with your,’Scream’ painting look alike face,they’ll either A) Run for the hills,screaming that they’ve seen the cthulhu.
Or B) If they’re nice,they would ask if where you
are and who the hell is this weird chick.


But then again,I could be wrong. If your partner actually likes you for you,they would still stay with you even if you look like Voldemort with a nose(or not). Too harsh? Sorry. Point is,there’s okay amount of makeup and there’s shitload,hurricane Katrina of makeup.

Final note. Wherether you’re Pro Cake face or Anti Makeup. Its your life and don’t let anyone tell you how to live it..technically that would cancel out all my words. You know what,to hell with this. Do what you want,its your life and your face. If you want to look like a clown gone right(or wrong). Go for it.
You have my blessings child.



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