Girl you CAN’T wear my sweatshirt


This kid is the latest tween sensation and is basically the new Justin Bieber but now,NEW AND IMPROVED! NOW WITH 99.9% LESS TALENT THAN BEFORE!

13/14 year old Jacob Sa-Clitoris  just cause I can’t spell his name. He got a lot of hate recently because he got famous for basically lip syncing to songs and acting as a fuckboi on Running his fingers through his hair,biting his lip and all that shizz.

He also made an album where its 90% auto tune and sounds like every basic pop trash album ever. Now I don’t hate the kid if he was humble and nice but dude. Look at his goddamn tweets.


Who is he talking to? He obviously knows who his fan base consists of and is basically making them feel ‘special’ so they would spend their life savings on his crappy albums just because they are his loyal sweethearts.


Still,no idea who he’s talking to. Princess? He knows how to get his tween fan base to buy his shit. I got to give it to the boy. Well played.


Bruh. You’re like 10. Go and play Xbox and PlayStation. If you still use emojis on twitter,then you would be better off not having a girlfriend and just play Pokemon like every NORMAL tweenager.


The amount of likes says how much tweenage girls are on Twitter. Cutie pie? No. Just no. Its nice that he’s trying to be positive for his fans but no. No one likes a suck up and for all we know,he could be really shallow and secretly judge girls that aren’t model material.


Now this is just plain idiocy. Oh yeah! Its totally horrendous that you and 70% of the population made up of little kids hasn’t penetrated each other’s anuses with peanut butter. If you haven’t noticed sweetheart, you’re like 10 and people usually worry about school and grades at 10. Not about their sex life.

I shouldn’t be surprised. We live in a world where people like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are rulers over the celebrity world. They literally are famous for no reason. Kim’s famous for having sex with a arrogant douchebag and that douchebag is famous for being a douchebag.

Literally,my pizza man could become as famous as Kim Kar-Flash-shian, Kanye Compass or fucking JACOB CLITORIS!


Side note: He has an ego that is 100x the size of his balls and literally acts as if all the girls worship the ground he stands on and just because he hangs out with Cameron Dallas doesn’t mean that you’re the dictionary definition of every girl’s dream guy. In fact,for me,you’re the complete opposite of my dream guy.

They all just want your money so honestly if you’re going to waste your time on something,waste your time on actual celebrities that care for their fans. Like Melanie Martinez who has spoken about how she didn’t like how her fans called her ‘queen’ or ‘mom’ as it would dehumanize her into someone of higher status.

There are those who really really hate him to the point of making roast accounts dedicated to hating him and I do think its mean and counts as cyber bullying,those are just plain trolls.

Truthfully,I can’t say that I despise Jacob but I do dislike his music and personality but its a free world. You like what you like and you do you and no one will judge you.

But please,if you see someone hating on Jacob,please don’t start saying how we’re ‘jealous’ and that ‘he’s bae’ and ‘please be my boyfriend’ that’s just thirsty.


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