Dating disasters.

Ice cream soda, cherry on top,

Who’s your boyfriend/girlfriend, I forgot?


Dating. Now,if you’re above 16 and dating,I’m fine with it but remember kids,use protection! 😉 but if you’re below 16 and thinking that your ‘relationship’ is as serious as cereal,honey why don’t you lie on your bed cause you’re obviously LYING.

There’s this thing called infatuation or PUPPY LOVE as its more known as. I quote:intense but relatively shallow romantic attachment, associated with adolescents.

Its basically crushes and sexual attachment. It doesn’t equate to love nor does it mean anything special. For example,my school is basically a child dating center. We have 14 year old couples kissing on cameras and holding hands and eating together and hugging.

Its so sweet that it gave me a toothache. But here’s the stupid part. In my school,once you turn 15,we get split into different classes and basically,you will never see your lover girl/boy ever again and once we turn 16,we’ll go to college all across our country so…say bye bye.

I’ve read over 100+ comments written by kids from 7-14 writing comments about their secret boyfriends/girlfriends and how they ‘love’ each other and are serious about their relationships.

Let me show you what I mean.


25?! Just focus on your studies mate. At least you won’t be part of that 25 sad souls that fucked that std filled 14 year old noodle.


You ‘love’ him. Okay if you ‘love’ him,will you be willing to give up your IPad and phone just to be with him? Your parents know what’s up. Stay in school kids,listen to your parents.


Okay okay,please be a troll. 13? Sex? When I was 13,the closest I’ve ever been to a boy was a kilometer away. I was obsessed with anime and YouTube. Sex? Don’t make me laugh,how are you going to stick your small little Weiner into her little kitty cat? sex pftt.


Yeah I lost hope in humanity. What is up with you sex addicts? Can you not keep your sausage in your pants?

Look. I know most people say that if you’re mature enough,you can have a real relationship but if you’re mature enough,you wouldn’t even think about relationships. You would be busy studying instead of fucking.

Do you privileged kids not want a future anymore?

I understand if you REALLY REALLY like someone but maybe wait a couple of years? If you still like the person,go for it. Your heart wants what it wants.

I know some of my friends that suffer from long term infatuation. They basically are hopelessly in love with that person and literally ask everyday if the person is dating someone.

Just because the person may be attractive,smart or ‘cute’,doesn’t mean you love them. For all you know,you may just admire them but not in a romantic way. If you’re above 16 and dating,good for you,do what you want but don’t go overboard,always place your studies first.


If you’re below 16, enjoy your innocence while you can. You don’t want to grow up,its not fun and enjoy being single and living the free life without any boys/girls to pull you down. Focus on your studies and friends and respect your parents and if you’re sure you still want to date,get your parents blessings before you do something you will regret.

Its your life,do what you want with it. Have fun,fall in love. Just don’t do something you may regret.

And in case you’re curious,yes I did have a crush and I guess I still have a mild crush on a person but I don’t exactly like them to the point I would fuck the shit out of them. Its more of a fascination. I prefer having fictional crushes than real ones,they are less confusing in books than compared to real life.

One last word to all my heartthrobs out there. Don’t let some feelings destroy your life,find someone who truly cares about you and not your looks or money. Love makes the world go round.

Yours truly,



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