LGBT- Let’s Get Beautiful Together!


The LGBT community,an acronym for lesbian,gay bisexual and transexual,they are facing a lot of hate from religious parents and basically a shit storm from old fashioned people who refuse to live in the 21st century.

Grow up. Its not the 90s anymore people. Things have changed,presidents have changed,my toenails have changed,my appetite has cha-actually,its still the same. I love food! ;3

Anyways,I’m pissed off at the homophobes of this society. I mean I knew society was already as messed up as my room but REALLY?! Not letting the people have the one thing they are free to have.



Now,I’ve read many many comments written by the LGBT community which consists of mostly of heartbreaking stories of how they can’t come out because of their judgmental and,pardon my French…’Fucking horrible parents that don’t deserve to raise such a brave and amazing child in the first place!’

Ahem. Where was I? *sips tea* Hmm? Oh right!

They usually say how they’re afraid that their ‘parents’,friends and siblings would judge them for something that can’t control. Adding in some facts that they cut or face depression and bullying from peers.

Just when I had faith in humanity,it had to fail me. Just why. Why would you not accept your kid? Your kid that you popped out of your Pacific ocean sized vagina that’s probably as crusty as a chicken nugget and suddenly just say ‘Ew! You Like Someone That Has The Same Pussy/Dick As You? DISOWNED!’

In all honesty,this is another reason to love your kid more. He/she has got the courage to tell the world,the judgemental world made out of Kim Kardashians and Kanye Wests,that he/she is PROUD to be gay/trans/bi/les/whatever you identify with/a unicorn potato.


I remember those days when everyone was accepting and encouraging. Yeah. Those days don’t exist except in my imagination.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Out of my 6 friends,only me and one other actually support LGBT. The rest just are unsure or like my other friend,she thinks its ‘wrong’ and my Christian friend,she thinks its ‘disgusting’.

I almost whopped their asses all the way to URANUS. I almost slapped them with a piece of bacon but I RESISTED.

Its really sad to see how narrow minded and ignorant people are. I live in a country where its still illegal for LGBTs to get married and 99.9% of the country still think that its wrong.


Now here’s something ironic. The boys in my class think that gays are disgusting and use it as an insult and even say ‘Thank god gays are illegal to marry!’ . I wanted to stuff that son of a butternugget inside an actual closet.


But here’s the irony. They acted like they were gay. They slapped each others butts and slung their arms around each others shoulders and almost kissed and cuddled IN CLASS.

With so many beautiful LGBT people out there like Troye Sivan(*_*),Ellen DeGeneres,Tyler Oakley, Phan-Yeah….I wish. Either way,you would think that they would accept everyone now but no.

Life is unfair. Life is not a wish granting factory.


I send my love to all the LGBT people out there. Remember that we’re always here for you. I may be straight but I can understand your struggle.

I may be young but I probably am more understanding than 99.9% of the human race. Love should be accepted everywhere for everyone.

Its your life. Choose to live it whatever way you want. Don’t let anyone stop you from living your life to the fullest.

And lastly,to all the bullies and ignorant friends.

You guys can suck my elephant sized female balls of steel. Learn to be more open minded and stop judging someone without getting to know them better. Learn to love everyone for whatever they are. A cheese toasty,a walrus or a happy person.


We all are human.



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