The ‘Barbie’ Girl.

Side note: I have a book/complication of poems thatI had made and be sure to check it out on Wattpad @MadASNHatter! It will give you a better picture on the subject! Its called ‘Dear Society…I hate you’ Stupid title I know but I’m not John Green with all his metaphorical confusing philosophical thingamabab.


Anyways, we all come from different parents and those parents have parents of their own and so on and thus,we have different genetic codes resulting in why all of us look different but here’s the thing..

Not all of us may look like the perfect ‘barbie’ figure.


Barbie is a doll that has blonde hair,blue eyes and is stick thin with a tiny waist. Most girls grow up playing with Barbie,including me. (But I didn’t exactly ‘play’ with them. I took then apart and popped Barbie’s head off. I was a demon child sheesh) So we come to assume that the ‘barbie’ figure is the ideal shape and look.

But its not. We all come in different packages and we can’t all be white,blonde and blue eyed. We may be chubbier,we may be thinner,who knows.

Of course,you may think that EVERYONE knows that being Barbie is impossible but let me stop you there. We have living,breathing proof of Barbie’s.

Celebrities and models. They look so perfect,take for example,Taylor Swift. She has blue eyes and blonde locks and can sing and is rich and popular. Or even models like Cara delevingne. She has blue eyes and blonde hair as well and looks gorgeous.


And with them being so widely famous,we see them all around us everyday,be it television,YouTube,online on gossip and news.


So we assume that they are the human embodiment of ‘perfection’. When in reality,its just that they are lucky enough to have good genetics and good proportions.

After all,beauty is basically proportion. The more proportionate your face is,the more likely you will be considered ‘beautiful’.

But we’re not supermodels nor singers so we will have this sense that we’re nothing compared to them. We feel incomplete like they’re the gods and we’re the mere mortals. (Sorry my inner Greek mythology was screaming for some love)

However,there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ human. We are all perfect in our own ways.(cheesy I know) Our mistakes shape our personality. Our personality shapes our beauty and so,the perfect human would have to be me,you and everyone.


We live in a superficial world where everything has to be perfect but does perfection really exist? I say that confidence is the best look you can wear. The smile will frame your face and make you look more attractive and look on the bright side,you may never look like Barbie but do you really want to be a plastic doll?

In conclusion,Barbie is what our society may consider as the ‘perfect’ woman but perfect can be many things. Your looks doesn’t define your personality. You could look like (Insert beautiful person here) and still have the personality of a rock or a witch.


Its what’s on the inside that counts.


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