Food for your thought?

Ahhh. Food.

The one thing I love more than the internet.
Just kidding. The internet always will be my number 1!

Food is not only a basic need of life but it can be really enjoyable to have your favorite food!

For me,my favorite foods would have to be pizza,pasta,noodles and sushi! You can’t seriously expect me to pick one can you?

With many delicious delicacies from all around the world,food is definitely a wondrous thing to have! However a sad thing I have to report is that my school has depressing choices of food to choose from.

We have noodles,rice and snacks like bread,healthy chips and Milo. I mean,it isn’t the worst in the world but I think I ate almost everything from the stalls. Variety is good no?

Recently,I went on a holiday to Thailand in which I tasted many different kinds of food,ranging from pad Thai to interesting coconut desserts.


This is one of the desert I ate which was like a coconut and a ice cream got it on and boom! This was their baby!

I also tried the classic prawn noodle soup,it was a tad boring but I enjoyed it anyways while my brother ate fried rice.


Of course,no holiday is complete without a grand finale.


It.Was.Awesome. The lobster was really fresh and the meat was soft and chewy!

Though I did feel guilty for eating someone who was probably in The Little Mermaid. Man,that movie was dark. A fish has to eat fish? Technically Ariel is a fish…well half- HANG ON! I’m getting off topic here!
Anyways,it was a fun food experience-OH! almost forgot!


I ate bugs. Yup. Me,a person who hates bugs ate bugs.

Before you start puking and squirming, it wasn’t that bad. They were sortha cooked and spiced so they weren’t alive but it was weird eating something you can find in your backyard.

The legs and the wings were the worst. They were crunchy and disgusting but the worms weren’t half bad. They were soft and if you close your eyes,it isn’t half bad.

Yeah I’m a crazy person.

But hey! I can cross it off my bucket list now!



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